toronto transit commission; fascist regime

they are mostly fat men, some are slim, some are women. one thing is for sure: all TTC employees are overpaid. they form part of the lowest common denominator of our repugnant city.

today, while on the streetcar at main street station, i had to wait nearly 1/2 an hour before the TTC driver would even start it. it seems someone had entered the station, and therefore the streetcar “illegally.” whatever! if he had his fare, which i think he did, the TTC driver should just do his job, his cushy overpaid job. the driver was black, he was reading a book, and eating a banana. he has probably graduated from high school, hooray for him.

the black driver called a white supervisor and asked the guy to “please come with me.” they left the streetcar and the driver started to leave.

this seems like a waste of time. so the guy entered illegally. he had his fare, didn’t he? the TTC is just another pseudo-fascist regime (the uniforms, the attitude, the laziness, the “fuhrer” complex, etc.).

tell them i hate them. i hope all employees of the TTC get some strange disease that eats them from the top down, middle out, bottom up, and from inside to outside and back again.


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