de-unionize the ttc

these people should be paid minimum wage. their lack of manners is quite appalling. something happened to me while i was riding the bus (64 to eastdale) yesterday (feb. 10). i got on but the driver wasn’t in his seat; he had stopped the bus and gone to the convenience store for some well deserved refreshment and sustenance. it was quite crowded, so i was standing at the very front of the bus. that moment, the driver, a corpulent, jolly looking fellow, came back and took his seat. he asked me if i “was moving in.” he then proceeded to bark, and say, in a jolly good voice, “move on back, bark bark bark, woof woof woof.” never before have i been barked at. i said, “how obnoxious is that, there is no room on the bus to move back.” he looked at me with the opposite of a jolly look, and began to drive the bus. good for him, he knows when the situation calls for silence.

their ignorance of manners and general obnoxiousness should be paid in kind.


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