we are all haitian now

“if haiti has taught us anything, it taught us that international citizenship is at the core of being a canadian”
-michael ignatieff

we know it is sometimes possible for a person to say what they mean. however, as it often turns out, people, in addition to saying what they mean, say something else besides. “international citizenship” more or less means that we are all to be exchangeable values in the system of global capitalism. the recent disaster in haiti proves that we are all haitian now. the so-called powers of the world are failing on so many fronts, living up to their history of failure with flying colours – not least with the “humanitarian efforts” we see in haiti. after centuries of first-world domination, the first-world is now donning a different mask. but when the crisis ends we may be sure that this mask of “humanitarianism” will be cast off again, that the people of haiti will continue to live in the dark shadow of capitalism.

(perhaps what other “developing nations” need is a disaster so that the first-world will aid them at the masquerade.)

haitian liberation (the revolution parallel to the august french revolution) provided the model for capitalist exploitation we see functioning so effectively today, despite the academic communists’ claims that “its collapse is immanent.” the haitian revolution, was, in many senses, more french than the french revolution itself, and this includes its outcomes. far from liberating the people of haiti from white slavery, it inducted them into the capitalist mode of “free wage laborers,” except the exploitation of the haitians was then executed by the haitians themselves: agrarian militarism.

let us now rejoice that the earthquake struck! let us realize that we are all haitian now!


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