toronto will never be a paris salon.

really, it is because of articles like this, by toronto star writer, jennifer hunter. in this article, she compares amzi haq’s so-called “salons” to the salons of paris. how much more egotistical can one be? to compare what amzi is doing to what happened to paris is sheer idiocy. of the guests she lists that show up to mr. haq’s little “salons,” not one is even a remotely famous literary figure – the key feature of a paris literary salon.

(that the “salon” happens on wednesday, one cannot help but be struck by the repetition of mme. verdurin’s “little wednesdays.” – proust.)

one of the writers she does mention is rousseau; and we all know, in the words of bertrand russell: “hitler is an outcome of rousseau.” so we may be sure that ms. hunter’s ignorance, combined with mr. haq’s political ambitions, will assuredly bring about the next rousseau, and, hopefully, the next hitler.

my suggestion to ms. hunter is to do a little more research, read better writers, and stop comparing this pitiful excuse for a metropolis, toronto, to one of the greatest centers of intellectual and literary movements of modernity. my advice to mr. haq is to not quit your day-job, whatever that is.

she peppers the end of her article with french; so, in like fashion: mme. hunter, vous êtes une imbécile profond.


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