islamo-fascism, pros and cons

is there an alternative to global capitalism other than islamo-fascism? the obvious answer would seem to be: “yes. it is communism.” however, if we look across the spectrum of nations that supposedly have a communist political practice, each of those nations is sliding – or has already slid into a socialist version of its communistic ideals.

militant islam, on one hand, is a viable alternative to capitalism. the leaders of islamo-fascist terrorist groups know how to gather the “rage potential” of people and mobilize it against “the enemy.” the problem with islamo-fascism, as it is with fascism proper, is that its execution requires the naming of an “enemy” and the utopian fantasy of that enemy’s elimination. most commonly, this enemy is named “jew” or “jewish.”

in addition to the problem of “the enemy” and its perpetuation through ideological manipulation, islamo-fascism does not consider progress (in terms of women’s rights, civil rights, property rights, etc.) a positive value; in fact, fascists are often opposed to liberty of any kind, unless it is authorized by the “führer.” not only are they opposed to liberty, but to all forms of art that do not conform to a specified archetype (see c.g. jung’s theories and his involvement with the national socialist party).

the wrongness of the ideological manipulation happening in islamo-fascist states happens on the level of “mis-education” of the young: in many of these places, hitler is praised as a hero. i am not saying that hitler does not have a place in history, but teaching children that he is a hero, is like saying che guevara was an educated, peace-loving man who was forced into killing and was ultimately martyred for the cause of communism. absolutely absurd; if anything, che was little more than castro’s dog.

so, while i do not support any of islamo-fascism’s political projects (the political projects being: the elimination of israel and jews as a race, religious indoctrination as opposed to secular education, the subordination of women, etc.), i do endorse the spirit it embodies: the spirit of anti-capitalism in the form of revolutionary terror. however, it is doubtful that the islamo-fascists see themselves as “revolutionaries;” they are, to all appearances, counter-revolutionary par excellence. if only there were “islamo-bolshevism” or some other neo-logism which would combine the attitude of a militant islamist with the vision of the communist idea. we quote kazantzakis: “today, mohammed is called lenin.”

one day this may come to be. until the rise of “islamo-bolshevism,” we can still at least be entertained by the spectacle of terror and the war against it.

or perhaps, “both are worse,” and global capitalism is the real answer to the deadlock of the left versus the right. if this is so, it will certainly be the greatest challenge ever for capitalism to overcome: after the “tragedy and farce” of the past decade, what emerges as “new wave capitalism” will be something like “the bible of hell / which the world shall have whether it wills or no” (blake).


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