the nonpareil irony of life. (mine, that is.)

this really shouldn’t be posted here. or maybe it should be private. but what the hell! (i’ll justify it as honesty to the point of embarrassment.)

after a brief and disastrous teaching stint in japan, i returned to canada to find that joblessness “wasn’t just for philosophy majors anymore” (kent brockman, the simpsons). that being said, i have spent the last couple of years drifting in and out of depression, performing under the table / highly illegal “jobs,” working for family and friends, and occasionally playing dungeons and dragons (yes, i play D and D; yes, i worship the devil; no, i do not intend to kill myself when my character gets eaten by the 74 000 year-old draco-lich). [even though, to be fair to philosophy majors, i studied literature!]

o yes. the irony. well, i have recently stopped eating meat. i may go back to it one day; do not get me wrong, i love the taste of death in all of its forms. i have stopped eating meat for health reasons. i was a hardcore vegan in my late teens / early twenties, then decided i liked the taste of meat and vegetables. today, however, i accepted a menial position as a meat clerk at a local grocery store! so not eating meat combined with working as a meat clerk = the nonpareil irony of life!

[ok, ok: maybe your life is more ironic than mine. congratulations! care to share your story? pretty please?]


One response to “the nonpareil irony of life. (mine, that is.)

  1. I work in the grocery business for years and I write about it, There’s nothing menial about your job as you will soon see, it’s how people treat you because they think you work in a menial job. That’s funny though you don’t eat meat but work in the meat department. Can’t wait to hear more stories of that!

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