start hating pavement

because, on june 19th, they’re playing the toronto island festival, which promises to be, aside from pavement’s set, a day of boring and trite music. broken social scene (bss), you suck. i saw band of horses at lollapalooza this summer in chicago – BORING. who cares about the other bands? i mean the show wouldn’t be so bad if they had some other talent lined up; what about caribou, one-man electronic psych? what about nixie, decent all girl electro-pop? what about protest the hero, serious tech-metal? no crystal castles, boy-girl synth-punks? [all links to youtube.]

pavement [link to video], we’ve prayed for you to get back together and this is how you repay us!? seriously, the national [link to band site] is playing two shows on june 8th and 9th in toronto. was it too difficult for pavement to schedule something good in toronto?

paris, france, gets to see pavement [link to band site] and the national play together on may 7.

i hate pavement because it will cost + $60.00 to see them along with a bunch of musicians that i care nothing for. seriously, pavement, you need to get it together; you were cooler when you were broken up, at least we could hope you would do a good show then. now we know you are washed up, has been, post-punk chumps.

(i apologize for the numerous links on this post. only check out what you think you are interested in.)


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