best. comic. ever.

of course i’m talking about logicomix. it is funny, it is tragic, it is about bertrand russell and his “epic quest for truth.” the art is not as visually arresting as some of the comix i’ve read; the writing is not always as beautiful as i’ve seen before. however, the breadth, detail, and scope of this book is truly amazing. it never becomes pedantic; it is at all times a thorough pleasure to read. there’s also something a “little nemoish” about young bertie’s life …
i don’t claim to understand russell’s mathematical ideas or theories – or mathematical ideas or theories in general. that’s not the point. the point is that superheroes can take many forms: ludwig wittgenstein, kurt gödel, bertrand russell, georg cantor, and many others. great logicians seems to suffer from madness … perhaps there is a hidden axiom within the pages of this book that combines the pursuit of logical purity with the seeming inevitability of mental instability such a pursuit leads to …

this book will re-define comix as we know them. it is to be considered among the greatest of comix: spiegalman’s maus, alan moore’s works, gaiman’s sandman, hugo pratt’s corto maltese, katsuhiro otomo’s akira … if there’s anyone i’m missing – sorry!

kudos to the logicomix team.


One response to “best. comic. ever.

  1. Are you using the term ‘comix’ in lieu of ‘comics’? From my understanding of the medium the term comix is refering specifcally to a form of underground comic published (usually self published) outside of the comics code authority. The reason I pose the question is that I would not consider Spiegelman or Moore to be ‘comix’ authors.

    I have yet to read logicomix but your post intrigues me. I am currently reading Optic Nerve by Adrian Tomine. Intresting little thing, but nothing too deep or too beautiful. Funny, simple and quaint.

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