two dependable pleasures

Author’s Dedication,

This poem is dedicated to my good friend K.C. (a.k.a. L.N.). Who knows how we met? I don’t know how I’d have survived these past couple of years without you. You may have seen this poem before; I didn’t write it then specifically for you (or anybody, really), but it’s for you now.

Adoringly (yes, adoringly),



let us generate some grammar.
bring your finest writing instruments,
your exquisite font.
do not be delicate with my pages:
paper is not flesh; it
has no fears,
offers no apologies,
and cannot take revenge.
show me all your best phrases,
your special punctuations,
the ones you have kept hidden
in that locked box of a heart of yours.
then i will draw my own reliquary
and open it before your eyes.


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