facebook will tear us apart [revised]

At the front gates of
The Hell of Communication
Witness this message:
[in fluorescent,
coruscating letters

“Institute for cyberstalking decrees
Virtualization for the separation of
Under six degrees.”

Assembled and signed up,
Glass eyes stare into the Abyss of
Zero gravity morality.

Her body a riddle of blue miracles,
Surgical and chemical,
Electrical and intense,
Desiring and wishing
For something final that
Is not necessarily

How can a person be damaged
As you, beyond hope, perhaps,
And still be frigid here in Hell?

World of pieces where only half the time
Passes. The other, not yet come to pass,
Or already passing and passed by.
No update – not even “Hello!” or
“Goodbye!” or “I’m pissed!”

World made of parts and breaking
Into billions of atoms orbiting …
But we left to get the beer.
(Each beer we drunk
Wound up a blurry photo,
Circulating somewhere as
The most amateur pornography.)

This time differs from its past.
The epoch passed something on:
A hazy disaster
That none could fully recall (or
Regretfully forget).

The end of all fashion is nigh.
Absolute difference,
A form of indifference
With structural stratagems.
(Like microscopic angels,
Delivered from Cogito.)

Entirety of the cosmos,
Dead … It came back sooner
Than we thought it might.
Online resurrection: Division of
Joy into an infinite
Scissiparity of lesser, less
Dangerous, ecstasy.

Liberated, the law of closure and
The law of circularity,
We are not bound by events,
Nor the guise of repetition
Any longer.

The past is an afraid beast,
Hiding in Its lair, viewing
What was done.

Here in Hell it seems, at least,
The past will not spare anyone.


[compare to the original.]


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