films i want to see …

but probably won’t.

there’s this film, sex volunteer by korean director Cho Kyeong-Duk. i heard about this film from my mother, of all people. pretty weird.

the toronto jewish film festival is screening several good films. i am most interested in seeing the midnight screening fritz the cat; i’ve seen it before but i think it’s the kind of film you want to watch with a room full of people in the dark, you know. they also have a neat looking film called cinema’s exiles from hitler to hollywood, which looks at german auteurs like billy wilder and fritz lang in light of their exile from germany and emigration to the USA; i’d like to see this film, not because of any fascination with “jewish persecution” or anything like that, but because billy wilder is one of my all-time favourite directors.

lastly, there’s this serbian film, which i downloaded but cannot find subtitles for. the serbian title is carlston za ognjenku; the english titles are charlston and vengeance and tears for sale. check out the trailer, help me find english subtitles! the film is apparently highly reminiscent of jeunet, whom i also love.


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