post miraculous

some say the date is twenty-twelve;
this may be true.

but one thing is certain.

the miracle is coming,
so set your alarm clock,
if you are not a morning person.

it will be like the transition
from one dream to
another, or
from black and white to

your fourth wall will be broken
by your third eye.

god has many names. they have all
already been discovered.
you must speak their names,
in order to animate them;
venerate them so that they
answer your prayers; devour them
to circulate their power.
their names are brand names;
their shrines are strip malls;
their power is the golden spiral.

all the special effects of desire
loosed upon the world,
manifest: at once
and terrifying
but a dull terror, a
certain boredom.
terrified of being bored,

slow-motion / jump-cut / time-lapse

the Chosen shall be spared Reality’s
Desire for Things to Happen.

the chosen will live in Eden’s,
on indoor beaches, with blue sky
projected onto cavernous ceilings,
and halogen lighting that mimics
sunlight. artificial breezes will
sway the hydroponically grown
foliage and hybrid fish swim
in the wave machine ocean.

the damned will live outside
and watch as hungry clouds
roar across the real sky,
still blue, but in the tones of
ice and anti-freeze. Eden’s gates
will be hermetically sealed
against them, because
they have not Platinum Status.


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