Rage Today: Greece and Thailand

In Greece and Thailand we are witnessing an authentic expression of mobilized rage. Still, the violence falls short of what I have referred to as “the Politics of Rage.” Even though the rioters in Greece and the “Red Shirts” in Thailand have mobilized against their respective states, resulting in destruction of property and loss of life, there does not seem to be any kind of agenda behind these acts of violence. I am sure more demonstrations are to come in Europe; Thailand’s predicament has no end in sight …

These events are good starts; they may even be events that will lead to the truth of politics. Right now though, as they stand, they are merely a collectivized form of random violence.

To move from random violence to the politics of rage requires a propagandist; Robespierre and Mao immediately spring to mind. Propaganda, not taken in its normal, vulgar usage is the elaboration of a theory of action: if the Greeks and Thais want a revolution, they will create a program for themselves. Once this program has been outlined, the rage they have already displayed will be their greatest asset in its execution.

If anyone knows of propaganda coming from either of these places, stateside or resistance, let me know.


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