:( sometimes – life sucks [a draft]

[versions of this message will be sent to parks@toronto.ca and the clerk’s office.]

This is an official complaint about the facilities and staff at Main Square Community Recreation Centre; 245 Main Street; 416-392-1070.

I will be claiming damages after my wallet was stolen from Main Square Community Recreation Centre.

My name is Charm. My address is Toronto, Ontario. My phone number is 1234567890.

The date of the incident was Monday June 7, 2010, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., during the Main Square Community Recreation Centre’s Lane Swim hours.

On the 7th of June I went for a lane swim with the 3-month swimming pass I bought a few days previous. I paid $0.25 for the locker that Main Square Community Recreation Centre provides and went swimming. When I came back to the locker it had been broken into: my wallet was missing and so was my iPod. The person supposed to be “On Duty” monitoring the change rooms was instead off somewhere else, not able to see or hear who went into and out of the change rooms (possibly seeing or hearing who could have taken my possessions). The other staff working were Paul and James.

My complaint is with the entire organization and structure of your security measures at protecting your patrons personal property and the staffing of such facilities.

Why am I paying $0.25 for a locker that is easily broken into?

Why am I paying for staff that are supposed to be monitoring who enters and exits the change rooms, if the staff were not even there? This staff member wasn’t even there to see if people entering the change rooms belonged there or not!

Why do the facilities only offer lockers that they know have been broken into before and not lockers for which swimmers could bring their own locks for?

Why do the lockers at Main Square Community Recreation Centre force you to pay rent on them, $0.25 / lane swim, if they do not even provide the service of security?

Another gentleman complained too of his locker being broken into and said it had happened in the past; if the staff know that lockers have been broken into before, why does the pattern of theft persist and persistently nothing is done about it?

Who will replace my things!?

I have filed a police report, the number of which is 3843867. The badge number of the officer assisting me is 0000.

I have spoken with Marlene Franco and Dianne Assindc, the Community Recreation Programmer Aquatics, at Main Square Community Recreation Centre. Marlene Franco can be reached at 416-392-0156. The name of the Aquatic Supervisor is Nikki Chapman, and she can be reached at 416-396-2877. I would like this e-mail forwarded to all 3 of these individuals, if possible.

Among the damages were:

– wallet
– driver’s license
– health card
– Alumni Card
– TTC June Metropass
– Library Card
– School Library Card
– School Student Copy / Print Card
– Air Card
– Credit Card
– Reward Card
– MasterCard
– MasterCard
– Debit Card
– 3-month Lane Swimming Pass

– iPod
– iPod case
– Headphones

– a few days worth of work to run around and try to cancel / replace ALL the items i lost.


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