[received earlier today. notice how this cunt makes no mention of reimbursing the loss her incompetent, negligent staff caused. typical.]


Please allow me to apologize for the very poor experience you had at Main Square Community Centre. We endeavor to provide a better service than this to our users. I wanted to follow up with you as to our follow up regarding this situation.

As you indicated in your email our preliminary investigation has shown the staff that monitors the hallway was not in position making the change areas easily accessible for unauthorized access. Staff will be held accountable for any failure to perform their duties as required. I am not at liberty to disclose the specifics of labour relations issues.

We are taking steps to try to improve the general security at this location. While we do have some security cameras at the location, the camera did not pick up any suspicious activity during the swim in question. We are working with corporate security to add an additional camera on this level of the building. Due to the ever increasing need for cameras at all our locations we are unsure as to when we will be able to secure this additional camera for this site.

I am also following up with our Facilities staff and suppliers to determine if there are modifications that can be made to the lockers that would make them tamper resistant. We are exploring either modifications to the existing lockers or conversion to another style.

I know these responses are not providing a resolution to your situation but please know that we do take these issues seriously and wish to provide a safe and secure locker room area for our community centre users.


Nikki Chapman
Aquatic Supervisor
Parks, Forestry & Recreation
phone: 396-2877
fax: 396-2885


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