a ramble

G20 / G8 protesters VS G20 / G8 security = negative dialec-trix or rage degree zero.

north american protesters should take a lesson from greece and thailand or study a little bit of history and read robespierre or mao: revolution requires blood for its fuel, like freedom, like liberty – unlike luxury, and the whorish pseudo-philosophical attitude: “love of truth.”

Seek for food and clothing first, then the Kingdom of God shall be added unto you.
– Hegel, 1807

america: where did we go wrong? democracy since BUSH is the equivalent of a MOSCOW show trial (V. Putin, Ahmadinejad, S. Berlusconi, more to come, surely others will follow; at least Kim Jong-Il does not pretend he is anything but a dictator).


One response to “a ramble

  1. “revolution requires blood for its fuel, like freedom, like liberty”

    Sad, but very true. Look at what’s happening with Iran and what is happening in Egypt now (after police brutally killed a young man). I really just hope society can avoid that for as long as possible.

    I’ve been doing some blog updates on the human rights issues stemming out of this G20 mess. Stay safe!!!

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