Hesperus Tractatus

This poem dedicated to my league of extraordinary dungeons and dragons friends: it is but a fraction of the good times we have shared.




Then there’s nowhere now to go except tomorrow –
Had we a choice, we should stay to escape this sorrow.
Even if we stayed, yesterday would soon be near;
Here, where I rule lands of green cloaked in old fear.
Ever atop this mountain, I, isolate king;
And here I build an upward dream of ascending,
Risen, I pass prayers to move beyond the clouds.
Tales must be told of us, to all the distant crowds:
Leave and tell little lies of how long are the nights,
Endless almost, on these peaks, so long without lights.
Starry are my ice-eyes and empty is my heart
Stormy is the air I breathe and full of joy my art.


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