on the infinite desire, mechanization, and subjectivity

even though we are finite beings, desire is the infinite within us. naturally, few possess the fortitude for the endlessness of desire — this is a good thing because however potent one’s fortitude, it will eventually be eroded by the eternal demand to desire.

the modern mechanized subject no longer needs fortitude in order to desire unto infinity: the objects of modern desire are nuclear and orbital. an object of desire can be divided an infinite number of times, like a worm that continues to writhe no matter how many times it is cleaved: this is the definition of a “nuclear” desire, increased as the object becomes further minute. an object of desire can also be subject to the simple operation of addition: n + 1, n + 2, n +3 … this is the “orbital” model of desire which is most visible in the demand for what is “bigger and better,” the demand for “(ever)more.”

the mechanization of desire, the becoming-machine of human desire is a process that began with the industrial revolution. industrial desire has given way to digital desire, the ultra-quick binary of not-sated / sated. the injunction to satiation has thoroughly ended any pleasure to be had from renunciation or restraint. digital desire is, among other things, the colonization by the economy (a public forum) into the most intimate domains of our personal lives. it tries to cater to each individual’s particular perversion, while also mass producing the perversions; the mass production of which is a remnant of the industrial mode of desire.

perhaps desire and subjectivity were different in the generations previous to ours — there is no way for us to know for certain. it seems as if the previous forms of desire were allowed to be content, at least for a time: the earth was once believed to be the fixed point in the center of the universe … at least the imperial system of measurement is based on something human, not like the metric system, which is based upon the non-human (it would be interesting to consider the adoption of the metric system and the concurrent dehumanization occurring globally … the invention and application of the metric system may actually have been the inauguration of post-human desire — human desire not measured by what is human …). in any case, it is useless: trying to hang onto what we may never have possessed in the first place, the lost object of human desire. better to look forward and embrace the utopia of mechanized desire and posthuman modes of enjoyment.

now, as desiring machines, we may find pleasure, we may even find joy — but there will no longer be any terminal satisfaction, just a constant deferral, a bureaucratized form of desiring in which frustration is the only outcome. to desire unto infinity is also to be frustrated until eternity.

desire is always-already infinite — what frustrates it today is the slide of the idea of limits into oblivion. our innate finiteness is slowly being replaced and extended by various digital prosthesis: the machine body will be a mockery of everything mortal. and by the time this “mechanical immortality” is installed into every organism — it will be too late: there will be nothing to save us from “the life penalty.”

pornography is prophylactix against desire.

“when you’ve had all you wanted, there’s nothing left but to wait.”

DISCLAIMER: there is nothing strictly mathematical or scientific about the use of the terms “infinity,” “infinite,” “divided,” “limit,” or “addition.” all terms used for literary purposes only.


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