the cynical panda

… “There is no special ingredient. It’s only you. To make something special you just have to believe it is special.” This formula renders the fetishistic disavowal (split) at its purest — its message is: “I KNOW very well there is no special ingredient, but I nonetheless BELIEVE in it (and act accordingly).” Cynical denunciation (at the level of rational knowledge) is counteracted by the call of “irrational” belief — and this is the most elementary formula of how ideology functions today.
— Zizek, L it ET, 70

and, unrelatedly, i think sarah palin stole her schtick from peggy hill. though i do think that peggy is a little more “with it” than miss moron is, even if she does impersonate a nun to get a teaching job at a catholic school for a subject she knows nothing about (i.e. esspaniol).


One response to “the cynical panda

  1. and this is why Mc Donalds ‘secret sauce’ is so divine and mysterios, and also why those caramilk bars achieved no small amount of success in its ad campaign ‘how do they get the caramel in the caramilk bars?’

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