green living : the rise of eco-fascism

a friend and i stumbled into something called “live green toronto festival.” aside from a stall selling locally produced honey, the festival is an example of how, since the apparent fall of communism, activist micro-movements replace actual socio-political engagement. did i say “activist!?” i meant venture capitalist; people were trying to sell me everything from electric “bikes” to low-flow toilets and asking me for a donation to some unknown cause (the organization is not a cause in itself, but looks for other causes to fund: summerhill).

the “eco” or “green” movement used to be immersed in the communist agenda, as was the struggle for equality among citizens regardless of their particular determinations (e.g. gay, woman, black, other ethnicity, etc.). now, however, we see the parasitic libido of late capitalism: it has latched onto the “green” and exploits it with the same aplomb as it does everything else, it is now just another one of Deleuze’s thousand plateaus. eco-fascism acquired all its radicals from the ranks of fallen communists, who in turn became new age obscurantists.

are you green? or are you flesh coloured? one of the immanent false divisions being made among us is along the lines of one’s “green-ness.” just as homosexuals have appropriated the colour pink, the green movement spurns any and all who are “different” from them. so, nowadays, in late capitalism, postmodern culture, one can be a green-pinko which inserts a simulacrum of difference into one’s phantasmatic social identity. difference based on race is the defining feature of fascism; by using colour as identification, the green movement is resurrecting the corpse of fascism in a kitsch mode (just like Baudrillard said!).

but what is it, really, to “be green?” some photographs of testimonials people wrote to show how green they are:

it seems very stupid that “green” has come to be associated with “CFL’s,” vegetarianism, bicycling, etc. the funniest thing is the “buy it to vote” image: the green movement is an extension of capital not a form of emancipatory politics. in a sense one shows one is green by the designer products one buys. forget treating the environment with respect, where’s my hybrid hummer?


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