seneca college, worst in ontario

today i withdrew my registration from the Paralegal Accelerated program (PLEA) at seneca college. after having a horrendous experience with their school of continuing studies over the summer, i found out that the book list that the department sent out was wrong. apparently, the faculty and staff in the department are lawyers; this i find very hard to believe simply because of the amount of mistakes they have made in my less than six months attending their classes.

the summer course i took, “introduction to canadian law,” was taught by a woman named cherie daniel. she cancelled five classes; she handed back our first test and assignment nearly a month after we submitted them. the administers of the course wanted to extend the course by a week, which was totally unacceptable.

the full-time paralegal program seems to be no less poorly organized. they sent out a book list about 2 weeks ago, so i bought books from a former student. yesterday, when i went to the orientation, they told us that the book list sent out was wrong. when i asked about how they could make such a mistake, the program coordinator, linda pasternak, said that it was “registration’s fault.” i seem to be stuck with these books, although a couple of students have contacted me to buy them … so maybe it will work out.

so, even though i got a refund, i am at a loss for what to do. one thing is for sure, i will not be going to seneca college. its a big disappointment because i was looking forward to returning to school. but i can’t attend an institution where incompetence and stupidity seem to be the norm.


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  1. I find that George Brown College is disorganized. There is extremely poor communication between the Departments, sub optimal teaching and unfair grading schemes. It is a very anti University environment as demonstrated by some so called “Professors” who really could not get a job anywhere else, but who have been here for a long time, so are assured a job at the College level. Everything about the college is slow, slow thinking, slow strategically, slow , and they seem to favour “diverse” students, and give the ones who represent this theme, high grades and promote them , not regular , hard-working people. If Seneca is not a good College and GB is not either for intellectualstudents, then I don’t know what is????!

    • the entire education system is failing. not only at the college level, but also so-called “higher learning” academies are producing “graduates” at degree xerox. only a few institutions are engaged in actual research and not merely technical advancement for (economic) gain.

      thanks for reading.

  2. This is the worst school in the whole canada. The proffessors r so uncooperative and dumb. Even racism is also a common thing in seneca@york. Fucking shit it is. I wud never go there again in my whole life

    • Angry Flights Student Josh

      Yeah I have had teachers tell off my Deaf sister and say that she should drop out because she will be a failure and will never get a job in anything. Right to her face in front of the entire school. She is 24 and has worked 6 jobs since coming to this country and that is flat out wrong. Also they have made racist and discriminating remarks to students during the classes such as insulting Chinese culture and also insulting the Korean Language. We have also found out that a group of teachers in my program ( Flight Services ) get together and pick students out and find ways to fail them because they are Deaf or in a wheelchair or their written English isn’t good enough or they don’t speak prefect English..basically they are targeting students for being of other races, ethnicity, “disability” and being born into a different culture and or speaking a different language. And this is no word of a lie we heard this from someone who was at the teachers meetings. ( I wont say who because they are one of the very few nice non-racist teachers and they could and would be fired!) But I have been targeted for my “Mental illnesses and disabilities” (General Anxiety, Depression, Dyslexia, and a minor speak impediment) They have made horrible remarks two students one from Cameroon and one from Zimbabwe where working together and the teacher very rudely and with an insulting tone said ” Of course the Africans are working together” like seriously? and the teacher Penny Hill is the leader of all of the racist Flights teachers, if you are not kissing her ass 24/7 she will make your life hell and any teacher that does not do everything she does she will find a way to interfere and make sure things happen her way in every class. I WILL NEVER TELL ANYONE TO GO TO SENECA COLLEGE! They hate anyone who is not white-Canadian. They hate those with disabilities or mental illnesses of any kind. They will treat you like crap, refuse to help you, say horrible things to your face and then they will keep you there so they can take all your money. They are racist, audist, abilist, and all around discriminatory. Now Alyson Swarbrick is amazing best flights teacher of them all she will never let Penny get away with that crap in her class room…but she is not in charge of the course Penny is…..she is the only exception out of the flights teachers. the non-flights teachers are hit and miss but I will say that 90% or more of all the teachers at Seneca college are racists, over privileged, self centered and just plain rude and unhelpful. Both me and my sister are going to be writing letters to the head of the entire college…go right over penny’s head…and then maybe that will wipe that fake smile off her wrinkled face. And I for one am going to try to make sure no one goes to Seneca College again. You know why they have the best flights program? because they abuse and cheat the students that “Don’t cut it” out of there money and education because they are two faced, greedy and want to looks good. Worst of all they enjoy it.

  3. Hello, I happen to agree with you. I am currently in Seneca college, in the newnham campus, and everything that you have said makes a lot of sense. The professors are very unprofessional, and they all have such a bad attitude. At times I noticed that some of the professors (wont mentions names) were showing me some attitude because I was not the most fashionable person in the class; call me crazy but I noticed that the students who dressed up like its prom got less of an attitude from the professors. I am enrolled in the Court and Tribunal Administration program. I just finished my first semester and it was horrifying. The people aren’t nice, the professors are very rude, and the work is impossible. I am not doing so well over there. I was wondering if I should just quit.

  4. The Angry Flight Student Josh

    So I contacted the Ministry of Training College and University and after being directed all over the place i got answers. We can either contact the Ombudsman at (800) 263-1830 or the Human Rights tribunal of Ontario at (866) 598-0322 to mention any incidences of Racism, Ableism or general discrimination being ignored by teachers, staff or administration of Seneca College. I will be contacting everyone who has been target by the school and telling them to contact one of these groups.

    • Hi there, I had an horrible experience recently in Seneca. I complained to the vice president but she was trying to fool me and finally refused to answer my questions. I have seen the contact number you provided. Could you leave me your contact information. I really need someone to help me. I hated Seneca and even wanted to sue them.

  5. seneca is the worst school in canada. The proffessors r so uncooperative and dumb. it takes 4 years to complete a 2 years diploma at seneca. they will never let you finish it on time becuz all they want is money. Even racism is a very common thing at seneca@york.

  6. seneca is so stupid

  7. I took Humber’s program, and in fact had Cherie Daniel for 2 semesters.

    There were indeed mixed opinions on her, but I would definitely not say that she was the worst professor there.

    I didn’t exactly care for her teaching style, but but she was very accommodating towards my special needs (more so than many other professors).

    She had little patience for slackers, and would go out of her way to help those who were putting in a genuine effort.

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