The Worst Part? Almost Over? No. And Yes.

The worst part of being injured is the boredom. By far, being housebound is a torment none should have to endure — least of all otherwise athletic and healthy young men such as myself. I miss biking without a destination, especially now that the weather is cooler. I miss doing yoga in the mornings, pullups on my door frame, and skipping rope in my backyard.

I can’t cook because when I lift my right arm even slightly, I begin to feel pain. I have been eating mostly frozen dinners. Sometimes, when my parents are home, and they’re not too busy, they will cook something good; I feel extremely fortunate. But I can’t help them with anything anymore and I feel my presence is burdensome to them (though they are sympathetic and tactful: they understand my injuries are the result of a moronic driver, not my own intention).

Lastly, I miss working of all things. My job is not great: I work at a meat counter at a grocery store. But there I have several friends, a truly kind boss, a girl whom I enjoy talking to — it is something … All I have to look forward to for the next little while is nothing.

Nothing but pain and boredom.

Thankfully, I will not require surgery to repair the damage to my shoulder. Although I am skeptical, it is a sign that things might be OK again someday.


2 responses to “The Worst Part? Almost Over? No. And Yes.

  1. Charm just don’t get fat alright? Just kidding… Hey I got your message on facebook .. sorry its so late but that really needs to be addressed with the dating at work or trying to get at the employees… take care

  2. Hm.. yeah, rehab sucks, I know. But if you concentrate on just getting better, it’s a little easier. After my knee surgery, my goal was not just to recover, but to recover and be stronger than pre-surgery. Sometimes I think our injuries are just big lessons for us. It’s like a sign trying to tell you something. (Different message for each person.)

    The first week of recovery is the hardest. I was mildly depressed and on painkillers. I tried to read, but was too tired to and would just fall asleep after a few pages. I also had physiotherapy exercises to do, so I just did them when I woke up because eventually the painkillers would make me sleepy again. I think it was easier for me because I knew I had to get past this tough stage before I could reach my goal of being stronger later.

    I guess all I’m saying is try to look at it as a necessary stage of change/rebirth for you. And also sometimes we just need to take time out and rest! Sometimes a stage of rest is necessary before a stage of activity. I remember a poster I saw at the gym when I first signed up (after I did physiotherapy (for 6 months), I decided to get a gym membership so I could continue to build strength), “Don’t let the things you can’t do stop you from doing the things you can.” That seemed appropriate at the time as I still couldn’t jump well even after 6 months of rehab and physio.

    Yes, it gets lonely when you are recovering. No one will ever understand what you have to go through to recover. I’m sure I don’t quite know what you are going through, but I can sympathize. It isn’t fun.

    Sometimes, parents can be amazingly patient and understanding. I had moved home months before I had surgery. My mom was surprisingly very patient after I had surgery. She brought a pitcher! of water to my room every night the first week because I told her I liked having water by my bed at night since I get thirsty sometimes overnight. She’d also ask if I was going to come down for dinner or just stay upstairs. I guess once a mom always a mom.

    I’m sure your parents are being the same. And they probably know you will make it up to them – once you’re better. So just concentrate on getting better!

    *Hugs* and get well soon.

    Feel free to email me whenever if you get that bored. 😉

    When you’re feeling better, you should let Nate and I take you out for lunch/dinner sometime.

    Take care~~~


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