mayoral elections pamphlet endorses sabotage!!!

I found a pamphlet in a taxi the other day on my way home from physiotherapy. At first I thought that the pamphlet was trying to promote one or another of Toronto’s fine mayoral candidates. However, a second, closer glance told me that this pamphlet was different. Indeed, the pamphlet is not promoting any candidate, not urging me to be a good citizen by “voting” — in fact, it is quite the opposite. It is advising the direct sabotage of the elections on October 25th.

I will quote a few of the passages I found particularly radical.

By all means, go to the polling station. But do not go in order to vote. Go there to in order to set fire to ballots, go there in order to pull the fire alarm, flood the building if you can.

Resist corruption! Resistance starts locally! If enough people think city politicians’ are unnecessary, we can eliminate them and the institutions behind them altogether.

Send all mayoral candidates spam-bot e-mails. If you can write a computer virus, infect their systems. If you have access to City of Toronto computer terminals, ruin them in any way you can.

Harm nobody; injuring citizens is not the goal. The goal is to show career politicians that we want to self-organize. The new politics will be based on the idea of local involvement and volunteerism. WE DO NOT NEED PAID OFFICIALS AND OVERWROUGHT BUREAUCRACY IF WE ORGANIZE OURSELVES!

Yeah, I know, its totally propaganda but I do hope this guy’s or girl’s message reaches someone. I wish I knew who wrote this; the pamphlet, however, gives no answers as to where I might locate the individual or individuals responsible for the pamphlet’s creation.


One response to “mayoral elections pamphlet endorses sabotage!!!

  1. hmmm i may have some idea of who may have written this…

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