Boredom contra Rage, Eleventh Aphorism

Rage comes not from the “animal in man,” though some animals have a limited capacity for Rage in the form of sovereign, vulgar cruelty. Between the Rage of beast and man is the distance between zero and one.


One response to “Boredom contra Rage, Eleventh Aphorism

  1. The distance between zero and one is infinite.

    I would tend to agree with you for the most part. I would say animals are quite capable of aggression and human aggression is the same thing as animal aggression. Rage itself is an abstract concept. I am not sure animals are capable of understanding abstract concepts, so I would assume you to be correct.

    However I’m not entirely sure I agree that ‘vulgar cruelity’ counts as rage, in any form. A cat playing with a mouse before it kills and eats it, may be considered cruelity, but to call it rage is a bit of stretch.

    To even call it cruelity assumes that the cat could understand what it is doing is cruel. If the cat understands it is inflicting pain then yes it is being cruel. I believe however that cat views the mouse as an object (food/toy) as opposed to thinking of it as another being capable of pain.

    Would I be cruel to melt my own plastic army man? I suppose if it turned out that Toy Story was real and green plastic army men were sentient beings and i knew this, then I would be cruel. Likewise if i were to destroy my friends green plastic army man, that would be cruel. I think that’s simply destructive behavior which is independent of cruelity. Animals are quite capable of acting in destructive ways. Anything can be destructive under the right circumstances.

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