Security “problem”—Formal Complaint

Dear Debby Keating,

I am communicating with you to report an event that happened today. I had just finished an appointment with Dr. P— at the Student Services Office and I was preparing to leave the campus to return home for lunch. I biked to school and I wear bandannas, one to keep my hair back and one over my face to keep things from flying into it.

Walking down the hallway a student asked me “If I was going to rob a store?” I ignored his comment and went on my way to retrieve my bicycle. As I was about to mount my bicycle, Nancy Pogany accosted me near the bike racks and asked me “If there was a problem?” I said No, I’m fine thanks. Then she said “Oh, I thought somebody was stealing something …”

I had a 9:00 a.m. class with D—S— in room 104, Resume Building and Career Development. At 10:30 a.m. my appointment with Dr. P— took place so I could get a referral from her for massage therapy because I broke my collar bone in a bicycle accident in September, 2010. There was nothing about my behaviour that day that would make me seem like any kind of criminal—let alone a thief.

This message is to communicate a formal complaint against Nancy Pogany. I do not appreciate being associated with criminality in any form. Just because I wear a bandanna to protect my skin (for which I have a medical condition) does not mean I should be subject to accusations or suggestions of being a criminal or thief. I am extremely upset over this situation and hope you can help me resolve it. Being associated with theft or any other crime and being approached by a school official with the idea in her head that I am such an individual—simply for wearing bandannas—makes me feel discriminated against for no legitimate reason. I feel that such treatment is unwarranted and is also something I, nor anyone else, should have to put up with. I attend Fleming College because I think it is a good institution; however, events like this make me question my judgment.

If disciplinary action is not taken with Nancy Pogany, I will go to a higher level until I am satisfied.

My student # is 00000000.

I kindly request that you respond to this e-mail using my @utoronto address, which I have CC’d. If it is convenient for you, I would like the rest of this correspondence to be communicated through that e-mail.

Thank you very much.




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