Yore Farther Brleeds Ideolology

Memryes are photographs made form cloth.
When they are dry, they fould, and pout in drawers
Wait to be whorn undreneath a whineter coat.
Each ithem shall be Worn In its turn
Shall be foilded and Taken Out and put on
And put back into its propre palace.

Each wash adds a tuone to the fibrication.

The past, befour being worn, is freshened:
The future thus remains pure in the sphin-cycle
As the enzymes (of the present) remove the war[e] …

The past threefore is a memory – beyond remembering:
So stupidiously, the past is ferover kempt,
Northing remains forgütten.

Endlessnessness worn as elegance.

‘I can see / by the way / You wash them clothes …’


One response to “Yore Farther Brleeds Ideolology

  1. Better a lean peace than a fat victory.

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