Security “problem”—Formal Complaint pt. 3

What an idiot! He misspells “bandanna.” How secure can the school be with idiots like this in charge of it!?


Your complaint was forwarded to me by Debby Keating, Manager, Student Services. I am the Facilities Manager for the Frost Campus and Nancy Pogany’s immediate supervisor. In order to understand what occurred I have reviewed the information in your email, spoken to Mrs. Pogany and to the Security Staff that were on duty when the incident occurred.

My understanding is that you were walking through the building with a bandana covering your face and head. Several people, including the student you mentioned in your email as well as two faculty members, became concerned that you may be involved in some type of illegal activity such as a theft. It is typical for thieves to cover their faces when they are in buildings with camera surveillance. The on duty Security Guard also saw you pass by the booth and thought something was amiss.

This is the reason that Campus Security and Mrs. Pogany began looking for you to see if you were a student or someone that was preparing to engage in something illegal. Mrs. Pogany happened to be the first person to find you and approach you. It was not her intention to offend you, it was to merely confirm that you were a student here for legitimate reasons and not involved in any illegal behaviour.

The College takes the safety and security of our students and employees very seriously and when suspicious behaviour is reported we are required to take the appropriate actions to investigate and determine if there is a risk to the safety of anyone at the College. If you were under the impression that you are being accused of being a thief I apologize for that misunderstanding as it is not the case.

No formal disciplinary action will be taken against Mrs. Pogany, in my opinion she was acting in the best interests of protecting the students and employees of the College. If you still wish to appeal this decision I will forward this complaint to the Campus Principal.


John E Sherren C.E.T.
Facilities Manager
Fleming College – Frost Campus

Toll Free: 1-866-353-6464 x3225
Local (705) 324-9144 x3225
Mobile: (705) 928-3614
Fax: (705) 878-9318


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