Rage and the Sexes

Her rage is connected to pain, more so than his. Her pain can be transformed into insanity easily, instantly, and totally–the way one easily, instantly, and totally dies. However, the cosmetic white light of Hollywood keeps her bored enough to only desire anger as an ornament: the egg of Bluebeard, the Secret Beyond the Door.

Less well than she, he bears pain. Yet one thing he cannot abide: (imagined) insult to (imaginary) honor. This is the heart of the challenge, the pulse of conflict, the seductiveness of the duel. It is possible for him to (really) insult his own (real) honor in his own eyes, in the eyes of his dear ones–and brood. If it were possible to change for the better, he still might not. However, “honor” has become a matter of mere accumulation (money, women, muscle, etc.). Yesterday’s hero strove for something “necessary,” that is, something with limits. Today’s hero strives for excess beyond limits, for what is “unnecessary” (e.g. professional sports).


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