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Boredom contra Rage, Nineteenth Aphorism

Sport, before its elevation into hyper-reality, was a site in which Rage could appear. It has since become a sound refuge for hordes of the bored: statisticians, historians, journalists (etc., etc.).


Boredom contra Rage, Eighteenth Aphorism

The bored can only imagine what is not. This is so even if, and especially when, “what is not” actually exists.

Boredom contra Rage, Fourteenth Aphorism

Conflict is not a recreation for the bored. Boredom is a full-time job with benefits that include “gold-plated unhappiness,” “radical apathy,” and a genuine “will-to-nothingness” (not even “being-toward-death,” not even Nihilism is possible for the bureaucrats in Boredom).

Boredom contra Rage, Tenth Aphorism

The bored cling to the facticity of death. The fictitious death is the only one worth striving for.

Boredom contra Rage, Eighth Aphorism

The bored dream in color and nightmare in black and white. Dreams such as these are mere echoes of the Empire and its overarching gospel of consumerism (not mere consumption), communicated at all times through the networks of the hyper-real.

In color, the dreamer realizes a situation that only sufficient capital can enable; in black and white, the situation is one that capital cannot prevent.