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Upcoming Concert: of Montreal

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this concert for reasons beyond my control. In essence the reality of space and distance will prevent me from being there. O! why couldn’t they have scheduled their show for a Friday or Saturday!

It’s a real bummer because I’d really like to hear “Famine Affair” live.

They are playing on May 3rd, 2011, at The Phoenix. I will try to go, but it seems as if the possibility of that is like a person at sea, each wave takes them farther away from land.

Here’s a cool song called “Sex Karma,” with Solange Knowles (aka Beyoncé’s sister).


Upcoming Concert: Electric Six

Electric Six is coming to Toronto. They will be playing on December 29th, at the Horseshoe. I’m hoping that I will be recovered enough from my injuries to rock the fuck out.

upcoming concert, THE HEAVY

THE HEAVY will be opening for Sharon Jones & the Dapkings on May 25 at the sound academy. although i’ve not heard sharon jones before, it seems like pretty good funking music.

a friend recently turned my attention towards the heavy, and i do so again with a video by them. enjoy!

upcoming concerts, flaming lips & warpaint

unfortunately, i can’t make it to warpaint because i (will) have a stupid class from 7-10. but they’re pretty awesome. they’re playing the horseshoe on june 17.

and, of course, i will have to miss the flaming lips because of school. all i can say is that i am certain they’ll be back. if you want to go, they’ll be here on july 8th.

upcoming concert, the national

i’ll be seeing this band on june 8th. they’re one of my favourites. check this video:

i’ll miss my brother for this one. apparently, the band is composed of two pairs of brothers plus the lead singer.

gogol bordello, upcoming concert

i’m very excited! on april 20th, gogol bordello is coming to town. hopefully my ticket comes in the mail soon. it’ll be great to celebrate hitler’s birthday while rocking out.

here’s a video by them.