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Upcoming Concert: of Montreal

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this concert for reasons beyond my control. In essence the reality of space and distance will prevent me from being there. O! why couldn’t they have scheduled their show for a Friday or Saturday!

It’s a real bummer because I’d really like to hear “Famine Affair” live.

They are playing on May 3rd, 2011, at The Phoenix. I will try to go, but it seems as if the possibility of that is like a person at sea, each wave takes them farther away from land.

Here’s a cool song called “Sex Karma,” with Solange Knowles (aka Beyoncé’s sister).


FALSE PRIEST (download, shhh)

hey everyone! i found this link so you can download and listen to the new of Montreal album, false priest. its pretty good. i actually bought the album but due to the general skankness of the internet, you can download it for free!

YOU SHOULD BUY THE ALBUM IF YOU LIKE IT! support this band because they’re making music we love and groove out to.

CLICK THIS to download.
[just so you know, if this link is dead its because mediafire kills inactive files.]