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mayoral elections pamphlet endorses sabotage!!!

I found a pamphlet in a taxi the other day on my way home from physiotherapy. At first I thought that the pamphlet was trying to promote one or another of Toronto’s fine mayoral candidates. However, a second, closer glance told me that this pamphlet was different. Indeed, the pamphlet is not promoting any candidate, not urging me to be a good citizen by “voting” — in fact, it is quite the opposite. It is advising the direct sabotage of the elections on October 25th.

I will quote a few of the passages I found particularly radical.

By all means, go to the polling station. But do not go in order to vote. Go there to in order to set fire to ballots, go there in order to pull the fire alarm, flood the building if you can.

Resist corruption! Resistance starts locally! If enough people think city politicians’ are unnecessary, we can eliminate them and the institutions behind them altogether.

Send all mayoral candidates spam-bot e-mails. If you can write a computer virus, infect their systems. If you have access to City of Toronto computer terminals, ruin them in any way you can.

Harm nobody; injuring citizens is not the goal. The goal is to show career politicians that we want to self-organize. The new politics will be based on the idea of local involvement and volunteerism. WE DO NOT NEED PAID OFFICIALS AND OVERWROUGHT BUREAUCRACY IF WE ORGANIZE OURSELVES!

Yeah, I know, its totally propaganda but I do hope this guy’s or girl’s message reaches someone. I wish I knew who wrote this; the pamphlet, however, gives no answers as to where I might locate the individual or individuals responsible for the pamphlet’s creation.


fuck fox news

the following is an e-mail message i received earlier today. sign the petition — you know you want to.

From: C
Subject: Is Fox ‘News’ your kind of news?
Date: September 2, 2010 5:18:36 PM EDT (CA)

Hi friends, C here, asking:

Want to sign a petition against Fox News North?

If yes, read on.
If no, you know what to do.

Canada: stop “Fox News North”

Prime Minister Harper is pressuring the Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to approve plans for a ‘Fox News North’. If successful, this would bring American-style hate media to Canadian airwaves, and be funded by our license fees!

I’ve just signed a petition to the CRTC urging them to stand strong and resist the PM’s calls for a conservative propaganda news network. Please join me in signing:


Here’s the original email I received:


Dear friends,

Prime Minister Harper is trying to push American-style hate media onto our airwaves, and make us all pay for it.

His plan is to create a “Fox News North” to mimic the kind of hate-filled propaganda with which Fox News has poisoned U.S. politics. The channel will be run by Harper?s former top aide and will be funded with money from our cable TV fees!

One man stands in the way of this nightmare — the Chairman of Canada’s Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Konrad von Finckenstein. He’s rejected the plan as a violation of CRTC policies, so now Harper is trying to get him out of the job. Let’s urgently send a massive wave of public support to von Finckenstein, with 100,000 Canadians encouraging him to keep standing up for Canada, and standing firm against Harper’s pressure. Sign the petition below and forward this email to everyone — we’ll publish full page ads in Canadian papers when we reach 100,000:


Harper hatched his scheme in a secret lunch last year with media-mogul Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News. Harper’s top aide Kory Teneycke also came to the lunch, and then left the government to head up Sun Media Newspapers and the new “Fox News North”.

Fox News fuels hate. While constantly claiming to be ?fair? and ?balanced?, it allows hysterical anchors like Glenn Beck to compare Obama to “Lucifer” and “Hitler”. Bill O?Reilly, another anchor, has threatened to boycott Canada, and Anne Coulter says Canada is ?lucky the US allows it to exist on the same continent.? The network has calculatingly spawned the tea party movement in the US, a mobilisation of the fringe right which threatens violence upon its opponents and wears guns to political rallies.

This is a fight for the soul of Canadian democracy. Our media is not perfect, but a ?news? network that slavishly serves a political agenda through mass manipulation and fear threatens the fabric of our democratic society.

The CRTC is part of our democracy — it was made an independent commission precisely in order to protect against this kind of government manipulation of the media. Harper knows that he must bully his way through this institution in order to create Fox News North. And there are dark rumours in Ottawa that if von Finckenstein will not leave his job, Harper will simply force him to give in. Von Finckenstein is upholding the best tradition of Canadian democracy and civil service in the face of a full scale attack on that tradition. Let’s show him, and Harper, that Canada stands with him.


“Fox News North” is Harper’s long term strategy to make radical conservatism the political centre in Canada, tearing down the country we love to make us look like the U.S. Thankfully, Konrad von Finckenstein and the CRTC are standing in his way — let’s stand with them.

With hope,

Ricken, Emma, Iain, Laryn and the rest of the Avaaz team

Rage Today: Greece and Thailand

In Greece and Thailand we are witnessing an authentic expression of mobilized rage. Still, the violence falls short of what I have referred to as “the Politics of Rage.” Even though the rioters in Greece and the “Red Shirts” in Thailand have mobilized against their respective states, resulting in destruction of property and loss of life, there does not seem to be any kind of agenda behind these acts of violence. I am sure more demonstrations are to come in Europe; Thailand’s predicament has no end in sight …

These events are good starts; they may even be events that will lead to the truth of politics. Right now though, as they stand, they are merely a collectivized form of random violence.

To move from random violence to the politics of rage requires a propagandist; Robespierre and Mao immediately spring to mind. Propaganda, not taken in its normal, vulgar usage is the elaboration of a theory of action: if the Greeks and Thais want a revolution, they will create a program for themselves. Once this program has been outlined, the rage they have already displayed will be their greatest asset in its execution.

If anyone knows of propaganda coming from either of these places, stateside or resistance, let me know.

can you dig this propaganda!?

one of the best indie films i’ve ever seen. it should appeal to all my canadian friends, and even those of you who are international should be able to appreciate the man’s sentiment. the film filled me with rage. i hope we can accumulate some rage capital after watching it.

o canada our bought and sold out land

here is part one from youtube for your convenience: