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Boredom contra Rage, Thirtieth Aphorism

The body around which Rage circulates is recognition. All is to be dared in order to be recognized (“even for a person of poverty”). Eros is merely the desire for fusion, which includes the kind of fusion to be found when practicing the Erotics of Hate (violence) or Love (sexuality).


sports and the “history industry”

“the olympics is over. let history be recorded.”

truly, history has lost all meaning if even sports are able to “make it.” either history no longer has any meaning, or it truly has come to an end.

nowhere is the aggressive and violent nature of man more visible than in sport and its spectators. nowhere is it more refined.

just as fashion preserves the vestiges of cyclical time in feminine form, so sports is the masculine form of “menstruation;” the purging of excessive creative potential, which is superfluous because not utilized.

if “history is made” through sport, it is not any longer with human hands. in this sense, in addition to culture and meaning, we are seeing a “history industry,” an “industrially produced history” emerge. the sole purpose is to “make history” appear, to “produce” history. that there is such a demand for “history” in this sense attests to the mass production (of statistics, of merchandise, of images, etc.) and general lack of depth we observe around such “historical events.”

the libidinal investment in sports, in setting “records” as “history,” is like a pissing contest or flying to the moon. what do they think they will find up there that they can not find here? (Naked.)

the perversity of sports is strictly analogous to the obsession with youth; at once desirable and forbidden, athletes enter professional sports at younger ages. is this also not a form of bodily prostitution, albeit an asexual one? but nonetheless, the child-athlete is condemned to a life of performance in place of childhood. perhaps the days are not far off when birth itself will be seen as an athletic feat, the mothers having eaten nothing but fast-food for the term of their pregnancy (super size me), the birth being worthy of record in the annals of historicity. i am sure all of the majour fast food corporations would relish such an opportunity to promote an endorsement from the time an athlete is born: a lifetime contract of servitude to un-health.

one last analogy may be drawn between sex and “the making of history” through sport. here we cannot ignore the militaristic roots of athletic competition, or the ultimate purpose of warfare, of which sex is a by-product. competition is a result of conflict, but, once engaged, warfare is a way to stave off boredom, as are sports. in warfare, the occurrence of rape and other crimes of a sexual nature are well known; the same is true in sports: initiation rituals, sexual abuse of younger “players” by older ones, cheer-leaders, a team of players perhaps raping a prostitute for an evening’s amusement, a well earned reward for a hard won victory … it is the age old formula: the soldier and the whore. “we like the boys with the bullet proof vests / we like the girls with the cellophane chests” (Beck).

we’d be better off in the porno theater.

[none should mistake me. i am an athlete, though not a professional one. i play basketball, cycle, rock-climb, and swim as recreations. i prefer to do, not to watch. i have interests outside of athletics.]