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high violet

the NYTimes article on the national is nice. also: the national’s new album, high violet, can be heard right now. it’s what i’m listening to.


new national song

the song is called “bloodbuzz ohio

i like it. i hope the rest of the album is at least as good as this.

start hating pavement

because, on june 19th, they’re playing the toronto island festival, which promises to be, aside from pavement’s set, a day of boring and trite music. broken social scene (bss), you suck. i saw band of horses at lollapalooza this summer in chicago – BORING. who cares about the other bands? i mean the show wouldn’t be so bad if they had some other talent lined up; what about caribou, one-man electronic psych? what about nixie, decent all girl electro-pop? what about protest the hero, serious tech-metal? no crystal castles, boy-girl synth-punks? [all links to youtube.]

pavement [link to video], we’ve prayed for you to get back together and this is how you repay us!? seriously, the national [link to band site] is playing two shows on june 8th and 9th in toronto. was it too difficult for pavement to schedule something good in toronto?

paris, france, gets to see pavement [link to band site] and the national play together on may 7.

i hate pavement because it will cost + $60.00 to see them along with a bunch of musicians that i care nothing for. seriously, pavement, you need to get it together; you were cooler when you were broken up, at least we could hope you would do a good show then. now we know you are washed up, has been, post-punk chumps.

(i apologize for the numerous links on this post. only check out what you think you are interested in.)

upcoming concert, the national

i’ll be seeing this band on june 8th. they’re one of my favourites. check this video:

i’ll miss my brother for this one. apparently, the band is composed of two pairs of brothers plus the lead singer.