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Security “problem”—Formal Complaint pt. 4

An e-mail, unsent. As of now.

John Sherren,

I have decided to be the bigger person and let it go. However, should I be accosted and accused of “illegal activity” again, I will not be as forgiving.

I do have a question or two to ask: since when does covering one’s face make one “suspicious?” If you’re serious about “criminal activity,” I suggest you pay a little more attention to the business, corporate, and political world—criminals of the highest order who rarely, if ever, cover their faces. Seriously.

If covering one’s face is indicative of criminality, would you accost and accuse say, a Muslim woman, of being a criminal, a thief, for simply walking down your halls?

I do expect answers to these questions, if you would be so kind.

And, finally, just for your information, I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was simply leaving the school doctor’s office about to go home for lunch. If your “interest,” as you put it, is “protecting the students and employees of the College,” you certainly failed at that by alienating me, making me feel like a criminal in my own school. Do you really think someone seriously interested in committing theft, or any other “illegal activity,” would walk right by the security booth? This is a rhetorical question, but answer it if you can. Believe me: the school has nothing that I would be even remotely interested in stealing.

Do forward my previous message, and this one if you like, to the school principal. The ignorance and stupidity of your security staff should be a concern to the administration of the school.


P.S. You misspelled “bandanna.”


Security “problem”—Formal Complaint pt. 3

What an idiot! He misspells “bandanna.” How secure can the school be with idiots like this in charge of it!?


Your complaint was forwarded to me by Debby Keating, Manager, Student Services. I am the Facilities Manager for the Frost Campus and Nancy Pogany’s immediate supervisor. In order to understand what occurred I have reviewed the information in your email, spoken to Mrs. Pogany and to the Security Staff that were on duty when the incident occurred.

My understanding is that you were walking through the building with a bandana covering your face and head. Several people, including the student you mentioned in your email as well as two faculty members, became concerned that you may be involved in some type of illegal activity such as a theft. It is typical for thieves to cover their faces when they are in buildings with camera surveillance. The on duty Security Guard also saw you pass by the booth and thought something was amiss.

This is the reason that Campus Security and Mrs. Pogany began looking for you to see if you were a student or someone that was preparing to engage in something illegal. Mrs. Pogany happened to be the first person to find you and approach you. It was not her intention to offend you, it was to merely confirm that you were a student here for legitimate reasons and not involved in any illegal behaviour.

The College takes the safety and security of our students and employees very seriously and when suspicious behaviour is reported we are required to take the appropriate actions to investigate and determine if there is a risk to the safety of anyone at the College. If you were under the impression that you are being accused of being a thief I apologize for that misunderstanding as it is not the case.

No formal disciplinary action will be taken against Mrs. Pogany, in my opinion she was acting in the best interests of protecting the students and employees of the College. If you still wish to appeal this decision I will forward this complaint to the Campus Principal.


John E Sherren C.E.T.
Facilities Manager
Fleming College – Frost Campus

Toll Free: 1-866-353-6464 x3225
Local (705) 324-9144 x3225
Mobile: (705) 928-3614
Fax: (705) 878-9318

Security “problem”—Formal Complaint pt. 2, or, THE RUN AROUND

Hello CHARM,

I understand you were directed by the Student Services office to submit your complaint to me. I am the administrator of the Student Rights and Responsibilities policy when the complaint is against a student. When the complaint is against an employee, it goes to the manager of that employee, in this case it is John Sherren, Manager of Facilities at the Frost Campus. I have cc’ed him on this email so that he can lay out the next steps with you. I have also attached the formal complaint form.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.


Debby Keating
Manager, Student Services
Frost Campus
Fleming College
Box 8000, 200 Albert St.S.
Lindsay, ON K9V 5E6
Ph: 705-324-9144 ext. 3255 or
705-749-5520 ext. 3255
Fax: 705-878-9316

Security “problem”—Formal Complaint

Dear Debby Keating,

I am communicating with you to report an event that happened today. I had just finished an appointment with Dr. P— at the Student Services Office and I was preparing to leave the campus to return home for lunch. I biked to school and I wear bandannas, one to keep my hair back and one over my face to keep things from flying into it.

Walking down the hallway a student asked me “If I was going to rob a store?” I ignored his comment and went on my way to retrieve my bicycle. As I was about to mount my bicycle, Nancy Pogany accosted me near the bike racks and asked me “If there was a problem?” I said No, I’m fine thanks. Then she said “Oh, I thought somebody was stealing something …”

I had a 9:00 a.m. class with D—S— in room 104, Resume Building and Career Development. At 10:30 a.m. my appointment with Dr. P— took place so I could get a referral from her for massage therapy because I broke my collar bone in a bicycle accident in September, 2010. There was nothing about my behaviour that day that would make me seem like any kind of criminal—let alone a thief.

This message is to communicate a formal complaint against Nancy Pogany. I do not appreciate being associated with criminality in any form. Just because I wear a bandanna to protect my skin (for which I have a medical condition) does not mean I should be subject to accusations or suggestions of being a criminal or thief. I am extremely upset over this situation and hope you can help me resolve it. Being associated with theft or any other crime and being approached by a school official with the idea in her head that I am such an individual—simply for wearing bandannas—makes me feel discriminated against for no legitimate reason. I feel that such treatment is unwarranted and is also something I, nor anyone else, should have to put up with. I attend Fleming College because I think it is a good institution; however, events like this make me question my judgment.

If disciplinary action is not taken with Nancy Pogany, I will go to a higher level until I am satisfied.

My student # is 00000000.

I kindly request that you respond to this e-mail using my @utoronto address, which I have CC’d. If it is convenient for you, I would like the rest of this correspondence to be communicated through that e-mail.

Thank you very much.




[received earlier today. notice how this cunt makes no mention of reimbursing the loss her incompetent, negligent staff caused. typical.]


Please allow me to apologize for the very poor experience you had at Main Square Community Centre. We endeavor to provide a better service than this to our users. I wanted to follow up with you as to our follow up regarding this situation.

As you indicated in your email our preliminary investigation has shown the staff that monitors the hallway was not in position making the change areas easily accessible for unauthorized access. Staff will be held accountable for any failure to perform their duties as required. I am not at liberty to disclose the specifics of labour relations issues.

We are taking steps to try to improve the general security at this location. While we do have some security cameras at the location, the camera did not pick up any suspicious activity during the swim in question. We are working with corporate security to add an additional camera on this level of the building. Due to the ever increasing need for cameras at all our locations we are unsure as to when we will be able to secure this additional camera for this site.

I am also following up with our Facilities staff and suppliers to determine if there are modifications that can be made to the lockers that would make them tamper resistant. We are exploring either modifications to the existing lockers or conversion to another style.

I know these responses are not providing a resolution to your situation but please know that we do take these issues seriously and wish to provide a safe and secure locker room area for our community centre users.


Nikki Chapman
Aquatic Supervisor
Parks, Forestry & Recreation
phone: 396-2877
fax: 396-2885


[sent this to dassinc@toronto.ca, mfranco@toronto.ca, and nchapman@toronto.ca]


Toronto, ON

June 8, 2010

General Manager

Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation

Toronto City Hall

100 Queen Street West, West Tower, 4th Floor

Toronto, ON  M5H 2N2

Dear General Manager:

This is an official complaint and request for reimbursement for my possessions which were stolen from a pay locker at Main Square Community Recreation Centre, 245 Main Street, 416 392 1070.

Between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm of June 7, 2010, I went for a lane swim with the 3-month swimming pass I bought a few days previous. I paid $0.25 for locker #11 that Main Square Community Recreation Centre provides and went swimming.
When I returned, I found that my locker had been broken into: my wallet was missing and so was my iPod. The person supposed to be “On Duty” monitoring the change rooms was instead off somewhere else, not able to see or hear who went into and out of the change rooms (possibly seeing or hearing who could have taken my possessions).

The other staff members working that evening were Paul and James and one of these employees took the key for locker #11.

My complaint is with the entire organization and structure of Main Square Community Recreation Centre’s security measures at protecting patrons’ personal property and the staffing of such facilities.

Why am I paying $0.25 for a locker that is easily broken into?

Why am I paying for staff that are supposed to be monitoring who enters and exits the change rooms, if the staff were not even there? This staff member wasn’t even there to see if people entering the change rooms belonged there or not!

Why do the facilities only offer lockers that they know have been broken into before and not lockers for which swimmers could bring their own locks for?

Why do the lockers at Main Square Community Recreation Centre force  you to pay rent on them, $0.25 / lane swim, if they do not even  provide the service of security?

Another gentleman also complained of his locker being broken into and said it had happened in the past; if the staff know that lockers have been broken into before, why does the pattern of theft persist and is persistently ignored by city staff?

I have filed a police report, the number of which is 3843867. The badge number of the officer assisting me is 0000.

I have spoken with Marlene Franco and Dianne Assindc, the Community Recreation Programmer Aquatics, at Main Square Community Recreation Centre. Marlene Franco can be reached at 416 392 0156. The name of  the Aquatic Supervisor is Nikki Chapman, and she can be reached at 416 396 2877. I would like this e-mail forwarded to all 3 of these individuals, if possible.

Possessions lost and their purchase costs are:
Wallet and $30 cash inside $ 80

– TTC June Metropass                                            109

– 3-month Lane Swimming Pass                            62
– Alumni Card                                                            20
– Student Copy / Print Card                                      1

–  driver’s license

– credit /debit cards / health, library card etc.

iPod 219
leather iPod case 30
Headphones 30

Replacement cost for driver’s license 10


I am seeking reimbursement from the City Clerk as advised by Dianne Assindc or from Toronto Parks and Recreation for the loss of my possessions and have not included the cost and time required to run around and cancel/replace credit and identification cards and the stolen items.



Copy: Ms Robin Richardson

Manager, Policy & Compliance – Claims