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On Fukuyama: Farce That’s Funny

No one has solved the problem of “creating culture”—that is, of regenerating internalized moral values—as a matter of public policy (292).

There will definitely will be more to say about Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man. We should, along with Sloterdijk, dismiss his “more or less intentional misreadings” of Hegel and Marx. We should not, however, dismiss his insight on the state of liberal-democracies. He argues that it is the best system—not the “least worst.” However, we know of several successful capitalist nations that have embraced capitalism while rejecting the export of Western democracy (e.g. China, Singapore, Saudi, etc.).

What is interesting about his argument is that he sees no “contradictions” within the existing liberal-democratic states; he sees “problems” that can be overcome within the system. The passage quoted is the unsolvable problem within liberal-democracy that is at the level of Hegelian contradiction. I do believe that, whether we like it or not, we have definitely reached a terminal point; in this sense, Fukuyama is right. However, the terminal point is not “the end of history” as he says it is, i.e. that we have reached the pinnacle of human political functioning with the triumph of global market capitalism over communism on one hand, and fascism on the other.

Instead, this terminal point is the inauguration of a permanent state of “contradiction.” Let us take, for example, the recent mayoral elections held in Toronto. The victor, Rob Ford, a Hegelian “Beautiful Soul” if ever there was one, had a slogan: “STOP THE GRAVY TRAIN.” It is obvious what the contradiction is: even while condemning other politicians’ “riding the gravy train”—he was definitely on it too. Of course, we know that he didn’t (ab)use resources like other City Councillors but the fact remains that he was on the same train with all the others. He subtracted himself from the overall state of corruption of which he is definitely a part; the political itself being nothing more than a regulated, bureaucratic form of corruption. In addition, the voters who voted for Ford add to the baffling state of contradiction: it could be called “the ideology of contradiction.”

There are certainly more obvious “contradictions” within liberal-democratic states: rich and poor, work and workers, atomization and community, etc. As these “contradictions” become more pronounced the failure(s) of liberal-democracy will also become more obvious. But this may not mean an immanent collapse of liberal-democratic states. If anything, our times indicate a move toward democracy-as-simulation—at least since President Bush was elected in 2000 and then re-elected in 2004. The appearance of democracy is increasingly more like a Moscow show trial than anything; like the recent municipal elections in Toronto: the cycle of binging and purging!


mayoral elections pamphlet endorses sabotage!!!

I found a pamphlet in a taxi the other day on my way home from physiotherapy. At first I thought that the pamphlet was trying to promote one or another of Toronto’s fine mayoral candidates. However, a second, closer glance told me that this pamphlet was different. Indeed, the pamphlet is not promoting any candidate, not urging me to be a good citizen by “voting” — in fact, it is quite the opposite. It is advising the direct sabotage of the elections on October 25th.

I will quote a few of the passages I found particularly radical.

By all means, go to the polling station. But do not go in order to vote. Go there to in order to set fire to ballots, go there in order to pull the fire alarm, flood the building if you can.

Resist corruption! Resistance starts locally! If enough people think city politicians’ are unnecessary, we can eliminate them and the institutions behind them altogether.

Send all mayoral candidates spam-bot e-mails. If you can write a computer virus, infect their systems. If you have access to City of Toronto computer terminals, ruin them in any way you can.

Harm nobody; injuring citizens is not the goal. The goal is to show career politicians that we want to self-organize. The new politics will be based on the idea of local involvement and volunteerism. WE DO NOT NEED PAID OFFICIALS AND OVERWROUGHT BUREAUCRACY IF WE ORGANIZE OURSELVES!

Yeah, I know, its totally propaganda but I do hope this guy’s or girl’s message reaches someone. I wish I knew who wrote this; the pamphlet, however, gives no answers as to where I might locate the individual or individuals responsible for the pamphlet’s creation.

speculum inferni, misfortune rules this existence

Saturday, September, 11, 2010, 3:40 p.m.
I am biking to work on my bright orange bicycle when suddenly a car door opens and I hit the ground. This happens on Gerrard Street East, just west of Greenwood. The driver doesn’t bother to ask if I am OK. I know there is at least one witness who asked if I was OK; I think you were driving a white car … if you saw me get hit by this idiot, please contact me. If you or someone you know lives or works or was in the Greenwood / Gerrard St. E. area (near Little India) on Saturday, September 11th, will you please ask them if they saw me get hit by a car door that day!?


Here are pictures of my body after the collision. I may need surgery on my shoulder. I can no longer do the most basic things for myself without great difficulty. The driver has been charged but I would like to try to find anyone who witnessed this event.

seneca college, worst in ontario

today i withdrew my registration from the Paralegal Accelerated program (PLEA) at seneca college. after having a horrendous experience with their school of continuing studies over the summer, i found out that the book list that the department sent out was wrong. apparently, the faculty and staff in the department are lawyers; this i find very hard to believe simply because of the amount of mistakes they have made in my less than six months attending their classes.

the summer course i took, “introduction to canadian law,” was taught by a woman named cherie daniel. she cancelled five classes; she handed back our first test and assignment nearly a month after we submitted them. the administers of the course wanted to extend the course by a week, which was totally unacceptable.

the full-time paralegal program seems to be no less poorly organized. they sent out a book list about 2 weeks ago, so i bought books from a former student. yesterday, when i went to the orientation, they told us that the book list sent out was wrong. when i asked about how they could make such a mistake, the program coordinator, linda pasternak, said that it was “registration’s fault.” i seem to be stuck with these books, although a couple of students have contacted me to buy them … so maybe it will work out.

so, even though i got a refund, i am at a loss for what to do. one thing is for sure, i will not be going to seneca college. its a big disappointment because i was looking forward to returning to school. but i can’t attend an institution where incompetence and stupidity seem to be the norm.


[received earlier today. notice how this cunt makes no mention of reimbursing the loss her incompetent, negligent staff caused. typical.]


Please allow me to apologize for the very poor experience you had at Main Square Community Centre. We endeavor to provide a better service than this to our users. I wanted to follow up with you as to our follow up regarding this situation.

As you indicated in your email our preliminary investigation has shown the staff that monitors the hallway was not in position making the change areas easily accessible for unauthorized access. Staff will be held accountable for any failure to perform their duties as required. I am not at liberty to disclose the specifics of labour relations issues.

We are taking steps to try to improve the general security at this location. While we do have some security cameras at the location, the camera did not pick up any suspicious activity during the swim in question. We are working with corporate security to add an additional camera on this level of the building. Due to the ever increasing need for cameras at all our locations we are unsure as to when we will be able to secure this additional camera for this site.

I am also following up with our Facilities staff and suppliers to determine if there are modifications that can be made to the lockers that would make them tamper resistant. We are exploring either modifications to the existing lockers or conversion to another style.

I know these responses are not providing a resolution to your situation but please know that we do take these issues seriously and wish to provide a safe and secure locker room area for our community centre users.


Nikki Chapman
Aquatic Supervisor
Parks, Forestry & Recreation
phone: 396-2877
fax: 396-2885


[sent this to dassinc@toronto.ca, mfranco@toronto.ca, and nchapman@toronto.ca]


Toronto, ON

June 8, 2010

General Manager

Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation

Toronto City Hall

100 Queen Street West, West Tower, 4th Floor

Toronto, ON  M5H 2N2

Dear General Manager:

This is an official complaint and request for reimbursement for my possessions which were stolen from a pay locker at Main Square Community Recreation Centre, 245 Main Street, 416 392 1070.

Between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm of June 7, 2010, I went for a lane swim with the 3-month swimming pass I bought a few days previous. I paid $0.25 for locker #11 that Main Square Community Recreation Centre provides and went swimming.
When I returned, I found that my locker had been broken into: my wallet was missing and so was my iPod. The person supposed to be “On Duty” monitoring the change rooms was instead off somewhere else, not able to see or hear who went into and out of the change rooms (possibly seeing or hearing who could have taken my possessions).

The other staff members working that evening were Paul and James and one of these employees took the key for locker #11.

My complaint is with the entire organization and structure of Main Square Community Recreation Centre’s security measures at protecting patrons’ personal property and the staffing of such facilities.

Why am I paying $0.25 for a locker that is easily broken into?

Why am I paying for staff that are supposed to be monitoring who enters and exits the change rooms, if the staff were not even there? This staff member wasn’t even there to see if people entering the change rooms belonged there or not!

Why do the facilities only offer lockers that they know have been broken into before and not lockers for which swimmers could bring their own locks for?

Why do the lockers at Main Square Community Recreation Centre force  you to pay rent on them, $0.25 / lane swim, if they do not even  provide the service of security?

Another gentleman also complained of his locker being broken into and said it had happened in the past; if the staff know that lockers have been broken into before, why does the pattern of theft persist and is persistently ignored by city staff?

I have filed a police report, the number of which is 3843867. The badge number of the officer assisting me is 0000.

I have spoken with Marlene Franco and Dianne Assindc, the Community Recreation Programmer Aquatics, at Main Square Community Recreation Centre. Marlene Franco can be reached at 416 392 0156. The name of  the Aquatic Supervisor is Nikki Chapman, and she can be reached at 416 396 2877. I would like this e-mail forwarded to all 3 of these individuals, if possible.

Possessions lost and their purchase costs are:
Wallet and $30 cash inside $ 80

– TTC June Metropass                                            109

– 3-month Lane Swimming Pass                            62
– Alumni Card                                                            20
– Student Copy / Print Card                                      1

–  driver’s license

– credit /debit cards / health, library card etc.

iPod 219
leather iPod case 30
Headphones 30

Replacement cost for driver’s license 10


I am seeking reimbursement from the City Clerk as advised by Dianne Assindc or from Toronto Parks and Recreation for the loss of my possessions and have not included the cost and time required to run around and cancel/replace credit and identification cards and the stolen items.



Copy: Ms Robin Richardson

Manager, Policy & Compliance – Claims