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a found document: prayers

i found this on the street today. i reprint it here to show how strongly some people are opposed to the TTC and the Olympics.

A Call to Terrorists’

“destroy the employees of the TTC, cut their throats, bomb their vehicles, sabotage their machines so they crash into one another, trample them beneath your righteous feet, see how they mistreat the people, how they take advantage of the people, rain acid and fire on their children and their children’s children, orphan their children, and make widows of their women, bomb them with diseases concocted in underground laboratories, scourge them, capture them and torture them, insult them and spit in their faces, lowly dogs, lower than dogs, they are fat and lazy, they know not what hard work or honest work is, free us from their scandals and their meanness of spirit, send them to hell and let them live in the abyss of darkness and pain forever. Amen.”

“destroy the Olympics, see their decadence and descend with wings of flames, burn them with your eyes and tongue, grind them all between your strong teeth, chew them and swallow them, vomit them forth, broken and bleeding, dying and destitute, see how healthy and wealthy they are, this is what they have stolen from you, take back what is yours, and give back the misery they have wreaked upon the rest of the world through their indifference, for you are the passionate, you are the chosen, and your reward shall be a world without medals of gold, and your reward shall be the golden light of eternal sunshine. Amen.”

“my call goes out to you because i am weak, i have no power, they persecute me before i act, and when i act they have anticipated my actions so that anything i could do comes to naught, so i beg you to help me with your infinite strength, your passion for vengeance, your heedlessness of the pain of others has taught me that human life is not precious, least of all their lives. Amen.”

i can only imagine who would write such a thing. the original document is handwritten in a beautiful calligraphic style. i wonder who can write so beautifully about violence of this sort. i think they are prayers or a sermon of some kind.


de-unionize the ttc

these people should be paid minimum wage. their lack of manners is quite appalling. something happened to me while i was riding the bus (64 to eastdale) yesterday (feb. 10). i got on but the driver wasn’t in his seat; he had stopped the bus and gone to the convenience store for some well deserved refreshment and sustenance. it was quite crowded, so i was standing at the very front of the bus. that moment, the driver, a corpulent, jolly looking fellow, came back and took his seat. he asked me if i “was moving in.” he then proceeded to bark, and say, in a jolly good voice, “move on back, bark bark bark, woof woof woof.” never before have i been barked at. i said, “how obnoxious is that, there is no room on the bus to move back.” he looked at me with the opposite of a jolly look, and began to drive the bus. good for him, he knows when the situation calls for silence.

their ignorance of manners and general obnoxiousness should be paid in kind.

toronto transit commission; fascist regime

they are mostly fat men, some are slim, some are women. one thing is for sure: all TTC employees are overpaid. they form part of the lowest common denominator of our repugnant city.

today, while on the streetcar at main street station, i had to wait nearly 1/2 an hour before the TTC driver would even start it. it seems someone had entered the station, and therefore the streetcar “illegally.” whatever! if he had his fare, which i think he did, the TTC driver should just do his job, his cushy overpaid job. the driver was black, he was reading a book, and eating a banana. he has probably graduated from high school, hooray for him.

the black driver called a white supervisor and asked the guy to “please come with me.” they left the streetcar and the driver started to leave.

this seems like a waste of time. so the guy entered illegally. he had his fare, didn’t he? the TTC is just another pseudo-fascist regime (the uniforms, the attitude, the laziness, the “fuhrer” complex, etc.).

tell them i hate them. i hope all employees of the TTC get some strange disease that eats them from the top down, middle out, bottom up, and from inside to outside and back again.

note on a scandal: a micro-political observation

“but all this talk of masks – you sound like oscar wilde conprehending hegel through the use of costume in shakespeare! we are what we are! isn’t that “mask,” as you call it, only an image of his own face? my friend, you have been caught up. his mask is more real than his face, because it is his face. you should be more concerned with his astrological sign, and whether that is really his, or not; whether or not he had zodiacal surgery in some past life? he coiuld easily be a virgo, having once been a scorpio. the stolen sign portends chaos in the highest spheres of the empire.”

if sex scandals, like the one adam giambrone is acting out, teach us anything it is that sexually speaking, we are the opposite of liberated. what we lack in sexual freedom we more than make up for in lassitude: even giambrone’s partner seems nonplussed by the infidelity.

what is the opposite of liberated? the term “repressed” seems inadequate because it ignores the mask we have worn since the “sexual revolution” in the sixties: the mask of sexual freedom and liberated desire. the paradox of “sexual freedom” lies in the fact that sexuality is in chains today: the bondage of choice, the tether of identity. sex itself is servitude to the body, if not the species. likewise, the paradox of “liberated desire” points to an injunction to “enjoy” rather than an aesthetic of enjoying; perhaps there is no escaping the non-spontaneity of satisfaction.

we see in analog with “sexual freedom” the success of the free market and the emergence of new liberal-permissive societies, all of which place “human rights” at the frontiers of their activities. both the economy and politics have always been arenas for our drives and desires. they are our public faces to the other, for the other, in our self.

after the end of history we achieve total liberation on all fronts, the private mask of sexuality has entered the most public of spheres. is not the rise of divorce an effect of donning the public mask in the private theater of cruelty that is sexuality?

pornography is also another site for the collapse of the private / public self. when will child lovers have a parade of their own? the most forbidden, novel, and obscure perversions are “freer” and more accessible to mass audiences than they ever have been before. the six-year-old war torn virgin amputee getting raped by masked soldiers is no longer something unimaginable (although i did just make it up), see it on YouTube.

liberated economy: unemployment, the freedom not to work.
political freedom: choice without rights, agency without power.
anarchic sexuality: pornography and divorce as prophylactics against intimacy.