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Boredom contra Rage, Twenty-Third Aphorism

Abstract war, Fake war: on drugs and on terror. Blood is certainly shed. But where the conflict?


Boredom contra Rage, Sixteenth Aphorism

The creation of, and belief in, False Opposition (or the “bored-jealous-resentment fantasy”) is a sure path to war. Creating an opponent to combat is as cowardly as challenging one whom you know to be weaker than yourself, and not necessarily in a direct physical confrontation. Challenging an obvious inferior to compete is, perhaps, the most common past-time of this civilization.

Boredom contra Rage, Fifteenth Aphorism

War is the creation of boredom. Conflict is when interest is at stake.

to hell with the olympics! some unrelated thoughts

a door to door fundraiser came by the other day. he went on for about five minutes about the Special Olympics. i cut him short by saying, “i don’t give a care for the Regular Olympics, so what makes you think i’ll donate to you. good-bye.”

call me unpatriotic if it makes you feel better. such nonsense is as absurd as the irishmen who called joyce “unpatriotic.” to me, the olympics represents a good portion of what plagues our political and social life today.

the nature of competition has roots deep in our instincts; its ultimate expression is in the form of warfare (the competition of war being resolved by out-injuring your opponent). a watered down from of competition is sport. for “post-military” society, sport has in some sense replaced war by reducing competition to a game with only imaginary stakes. that sports is taken seriously is not what i am contesting; soccer riot-eers prove that they are taken seriously. of course, there are considerable libidinal inventments in sports (endorsements, gambling, etc.) but without consequence. video games are another form of the “sublimation of war.”

it is interesting to note that the same sport played by women is not intensely watched by men. paradoxical? by no means. when men watch sports, they want to see stronger, younger men compete with one another for the false glory of victory in a game without stakes. that women’s sports are neglected will remain a mystery forevermore.

far from banning performance enhancing drugs, they should be encouraged. gödel’s incompleteness theorem proves such a “listing” of banned substances can never be complete (this is not “fashionable nonsense”). drugs should be mandatory, especially for athletes. how else will the Superman rise?

the escapist aspect of the olympics is something i cannot stand. while their eyes are turned toward the inconsequentiality of staged national conflict, actual conflict rages on (which is no less of a spectacle).

the athletes themselves represent how useless our bodies have become; our bodies serve no other purpose than to entertain, no other finality that that of moribund collapse. the countless generations whose bodies were punished with work and labour, whose bodies served the purpose of creation, whose bodies were imperfect – their bodies are vanished. currently, the grotesqueness of the body is being perfected (bodybuilding, obesity, etc.), we create machines to re-create ourselves, and our reward is a body with no purpose.

so, a twenty-one year old olympian is dead. icarus, your shadow has fallen! HOORAY! his death and life will become a hagiography. his young remains will retrospectively be invested with all the meaningless glory of a martyr. a martyr for the cause of conflict without finality.